Our Mission:

We exist to create and to provide quality, innovative instruction and training to state employees, and ultimately Louisiana citizens, in order to develop and retain a productive and efficient workforce and to prepare and inspire these employees to be conscientious stewards of state resources and best serve the general public.

Our Vision:

To be recognized by others as a leader in training and development, while serving as the ultimate resource for instruction for state employees, by constantly improving and raising the standards for performance, effectiveness, and quality.

Our Values:


– Each team member has his or her own unique talents and knowledge, which we share through purposeful collaboration. With our efforts combined, we create relevant and engaging instructional materials.


– We encourage creativity in the design and execution of our instructional materials. We also embrace creativity in relation to problem solving, where we seek to maximize our results with minimal resource expense.


– Integrity is the backbone of our department. We live and work by our agency and departmental values.


– In all aspects, we are professionals. As representatives of this agency, we will engage with others, regardless of title or agency, with professional respect.

Results Oriented

– While we respect process, we focus on achieving results. Whether this is quickly resolving a problem for a learner or creating special instruction for another agency, we resolve these requests as efficiently as possible. Where our course development is concerned, we focus on producing quality instruction that exceeds the minimum needs of our learners.

Strategically Driven

– Our decision making process, as well as our work, is based on the “big picture” – our vision for the department and our role in achieving the goals of SCS. We make informed, data driven decisions that support our departmental and agency goals. Our team members understand their contributions to achieving these goals.

Talent Development Provides:

  • A highly-qualified staff of instructors and designers with specific expertise in civil service rules and compliance.
  • Training that teaches state employees how to effectively make critical decisions, solve complex problems, and think strategically using interactive web-based courses, scenario-driven learning, and hands-on workshops.
  • Opportunities to implement organizational and cultural change through innovative content-delivery methods, prioritized learning and content topics, and revolutionized content and delivery of learning and development through technology.
  • Integrated state training data through an efficient system that allows employees to access and review up-to-date training records.
  • A balanced distribution between instructor-led and technology-based course delivery methods.
  • Critical training needs for state employees through needs assessment, focus groups, agency interaction, in-person interviews, user testing, subject matter expert feedback, user capability and competency modeling.
  • Consulting for state agencies to determine specialized training needs as well as to evaluation agency training programs.
  1. Who conducts the Comprehensive Public Training Program?
  2. The Comprehensive Public Training Program is housed within State Civil Service (SCS). Program policy is set by a nine-member Policy Board composed of representatives of the Governor’s Office, the Division of Administration, State Civil Service, the Board of Regents, the House of Representatives, the Senate, the Judicial College, and a nonprofit, public-interest organization. The instructors and web developers are SCS staff members.

  3. How do I get in touch with the CPTP Office?
  4. The CPTP main number is 225-342-8539 and the email address is CPTPLSO.Coordinator@la.gov.

  5. Who can participate in the program?
  6. The CPTP was established by the legislature in 1979 to "upgrade professional, technical, and managerial skills of state employees." All state employees are eligible to participate in appropriate classes with permission from their state agencies.

  7. How is the program funded?
  8. CPTP is funded through fees assessed to agencies having Civil Service employees, and through legislative appropriations for specific purposes. The amount of the agency fee is based on the agency's classified employee payroll.

  9. Are classes available to non-state government agencies?
  10. CPTP programs may be made available on a fee basis to other public officials and employees and to other participants as determined by State Civil Service as long as providing participation does not deny access to the program by any employee or official of a state agency. Fees are based on class length. See the Consulting tile on the website for more details and most current pricelist. Contact Dana LeBherz at (225) 342-8541 or dana.lebherz@la.gov for more information.

  11. Where are the classes taught?
  12. Classes are taught at central locations in major population areas including Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Shreveport, Monroe, Alexandria, Lake Charles, Lafayette, Hammond, and Houma/Thibodaux, as well as on-site at agencies statewide. CPTP also provides an extensive library of online training courses. A schedule of classes is maintained online in LEO My Training.

  13. What equipment do I need to complete online courses?
  14. Learners will need the following equipment to complete online courses:

    • Computer with Internet access
    • LEO user account
    • Speakers or headphones (optional)

    See your agency's training coordinator for more information.

  15. What technical requirements are required for CPTP web courses?
  16. The LEO technical requirements are critical to successful web training and those requirements change periodically. Please refer to the LEO Technical Requirements information which can be found on the LEO Home page in the upper right corner. You may need to contact your agency's IT support staff to upgrade machines to the appropriate software.

  17. How long will each online course take to complete?
  18. Each online class will take approximately one hour to complete, but times will vary between individual learners.

  19. I forgot my password. What should I do?
  20. Use the “Forgot password? Locked?” web link to retrieve your password. You will need your Leo User ID and email address, and you must be able to answer you security question.

  21. I can't get courses to open. What do I do?
  22. This is probably caused by not having the necessary technical requirements. Please see the LEO technical requirements referred to in an answer above.

  23. What if I don't pass an online course assessment?
  24. If you have trouble passing a course assessment, you can repeat the online course material as many times as needed. You can review the entire course or only the sections you had trouble with. There is no limit to the number of times you can review the course sections.

  25. Where do I go for support?
  26. My Training Quick Reference guides can be found on your LEO My Training page. In addition, the LEO Technical Requirements can be found on the LEO Home page in the upper right corner. Learners should contact their agency's CPTP Training Coordinator for additional help. For LEO issues, agency CPTP Training Coordinators should submit web help desk tickets through LEO Training Coordinator.

  27. I have question about training and/or LEO. Who should I call?
  28. Please contact your agency's training coordinator for assistance. Agency training coordinators should contact CPTPLSO.Coordinator@la.gov with any questions regarding training issues and submit web help desk tickets for LEO problems.

CPTP Staff

Dana LeBherz
Talent Development Director

(225) 342-8540

Dana LeBherz is passionate about engaging and empowering employees, and has worked in the training and workforce development field for over 18 years. She got her start with the language and business skills training leader Berlitz, working and advancing with the company internationally. Since her return stateside, Dana has followed a desire for public service, working first with Jefferson Parish government and, since 2011, for the Louisiana State Civil Service. In her current role she manages an innovative and creative team of instructional design, training, and talent management professionals that seek to address workforce development issues using a variety of techniques including competency modelling, training, and workforce and succession planning. She holds Bachelor of Arts degrees in both English and German from the University of Maryland and a Master of Public Administration degree from the University of New Orleans. She recently earned her Certified Professional in Learning and Performance (CPLP) designation from the Association for Talent Development (ATD).

Glyn Hays
Talent Development Assistant Director

(225) 219-9438

Glyn joined the Training team in July 2012 after spending over five years helping to train law enforcement and other first responders across the country through a Department of Homeland Security grant. In that time, he worked to deliver courses as well as develop new and revise existing courses. Prior to that, he worked as a Social Services Analyst 2 at Social Security Disability Determinations. In total, Glyn has over 12 years of state experience. Glyn holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Psychology from LSU and a Master's of Science degree in Applied Psychology with a concentration in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from Sacred Heart University. Glyn is also the current President-Elect of the Louisiana Association for Training and Organizational Development (LATOD).

Joan Haase
Talent Development Assistant Director

(225) 219-7867

Joan recently moved to the Training and Workforce Development Division after more than 22 years working at State Civil Service. She has worked primarily in Staffing but also has two years of experience auditing state agencies in our Accountability Division. Thus, she brings with her a wealth of knowledge about Civil Service Rules and practices, minimum qualifications, classified jobs, employee selection and assessment, and much more. Joan holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from LSU where she graduated at the top of her class, earning the prestigious University Medal for this accomplishment. Two years later, she earned her Master of Arts degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology also at LSU. In her role in the Training Division, she will primarily be applying her knowledge and educational background to design and conduct program evaluation and validation research for CPTP, SCS, and ultimately client programs.

Laci Talley
Talent Development Technical Manager

(225) 219-4263

Prior to joining State Civil Service in June 2013, Laci was as an Associate Professor of English at a local college. During her decade in higher education, in addition to teaching, she helped create a wide variety of courses and established multiple administrative policies and procedures. After that, she worked as a freelance writer and editor, helping clients reach their publishing goals. Laci holds a B.A. and M.A. in English from Southeastern Louisiana University. Here at SCS, she leads the team of Talent Development Technical Specialists. Laci uses her knowledge and experience to aid her team in producing a variety of web-based courses with the intent to improve the learning experience for all state workers.

Jennifer Schuelke
Talent Development Manager

(225) 342-8545

Jennifer Schuelke, a graduate of LSU, joined the Training team in 2017 after serving as a Learning Specialist and strategy tutor coordinator at LSU's Cox Communications Academic Center for Student-Athletes. Jennifer has also served as a secondary English educator with licensure in multiple states. Jennifer has spent the last 15 years designing and implementing skills-based approaches into secondary and higher education settings. Accordingly, she has conducted workshops, presented on the National level and acted as a consultant for districts and individuals. Jennifer is currently working on her Master’s degree in Higher Education Administration.

Todd Justice
Talent Development Technical Program Manager

(225) 342-8558

Todd Justice was raised in Baton Rouge and on LSU athletics from the age of 5, leaving little room for doubt in the choice for higher education. After receiving a BA from LSU in 1989, he embarked on a professional career path that included stops in both the retail and insurance industries. Eventually, he turned a love of television into a career in broadcasting, where he served as a production professional for 23 years with Louisiana Public Broadcasting before joining the CPTP team. His video production experience spans the gamut from infomercials for kitchen products to the Super Bowl. These skills, and his creativity, are key in developing modules and materials that help educate the state employees of Louisiana.

Rosanna Marino
Talent Development Program Manager

(225) 342-8557

A graduate of LSU, Rosanna Marino has worked in state government for over 30 years. While with the Governor's Office of Consumer Protection, she specialized in credit issues. She was requested as a guest lecturer at area high schools and state universities and made regular appearances on a local television consumer news program. During her tenure with the LA Commission on Law Enforcement, she held several positions including program manager of the LA Crime Victims Reparations Board, which compensates violent-crime victims' monetary losses, and Crime Statistics Liaison between local law enforcement and the FBI. In almost every job, she has found herself informing, coaching, or training. In her current role with CPTP, she handles the scheduling of instructor-led classes and serves as a contact for state training coordinators. Rosanna was a 2015 recipient of the Charles E. Dunbar, Jr. Career Service Award.

Christee Atwood
Talent Development Program Manager

(225) 342-8539

Christee Gabour Atwood joined the CPTP Training Team in 2015. She’s been a training and development professional for over 25 years and is the author of five books from the American Society for Training and Development. Her books have been translated into Chinese and Japanese and are used in universities in the U.S.A. and abroad. Her background also includes work in radio, television, newspaper and magazines, as well as association management and independent consulting. In 2014, Christee was awarded the Knowledge Management Leadership Award by the Global Knowledge Management Congress in Mumbai, India. In her role with CPTP, Christee will develop and facilitate training workshops to help State employees take their professional skills to the next level.

Kaelysia Cooper
Talent Development Program Manager

(225) 342-8526

In 2017, Kaelysia Cooper transitioned from the private sector to the CPTP Training Team. Her life and career in Baton Rouge began in the summer of 2010, after graduating from the University of Kentucky with her Bachelors of Science in Business Management. She served for six years at City Year first at their local office as an AmeriCorps member, then regionally as an Admissions Manager. There wasn't an AmeriCorps member at the local site that she didn't either recruit, interview, hire, or on-board. As an avid believer in life-long learning, she returned to school and earned her Masters in Human Resources and Leadership Development from Louisiana State University in 2017. In the middle of her graduate program, she accepted an opportunity to work in the field of adult education with Up Alliance. There, she served as an Adult Basic Education Instructor, building literacy and numeracy skills for out-of-school youth and low-skilled adults. After a successful year of teaching, the organization was dissolved by the board of directors. With background of diverse experience, and a new degree, Kaelysia was eager to start a new venture with the State Civil Service. Kaelysia is originally from Louisville, KY.

Julian A. Figueroa
Human Resources Consultant

(225) 219-9426

Julian Figueroa joined the CPTP from the Staffing division of State Civil Service in October of 2017. He has always been fascinated by the systems and structures, so he pursued and received his Bachelor’s in Mathematics from Cornell College. Afterwards, he worked in customer service and teaching, before coming to Staffing in November of 2016. By integrating his expertise in customer service, experience in the Staffing division, and his technical knowledge base, he strives to deliver data driven workforce development solutions for state agencies. He assists other Training staff in the research and development of new instructional programs, and analysis of existing ones so that we at CPTP may better serve the workforce of tomorrow.

Ammy Ard
Talent Development Technical Specialist

(225) 219-9430

Ammy Ard has been a Talent Development Technical Specialist with the Comprehensive Public Training Program since March 2014. She has developed a variety of web-based courses, has facilitated instructor-led courses, and has conducted several in-house workshops for other training specialists. Ammy has developed her customer service and consultation skills through requests for agency specific and customized trainings, allowing her to provide even trainings which address and resolve specific workforce issues. She has been recognized by her organization as a valuable asset to the training workforce for her contemporary design techniques, progressive thinking, and service to the state of Louisiana. For three years prior to joining the government workforce, she worked as a Client Coach to individuals with traumatic brain injuries. There she learned to adjust and to succeed despite unusual and unpredictable circumstances. She also comes from a background in the creative arts and music, allowing her to expand beyond standard communication and assist in cognitive development through various mediums. The combination of her experience as a developer, her prior experience and studies in the functions and responses of the brain, her experience as a musician and artist, and a Bachelors of Arts degree in English with a concentration in creative writing from Southeastern Louisiana University has allowed Ammy to excel in the creative fields. She has been able to use each area of experience to create unique and valuable experiences for the community she serves.

Julie Miller
Talent Development Specialist

(225) 219-9427

Julie Miller joined the CPTP Team in September 2015. As an LSU graduate, Julie’s background includes 12 years in the hospitality/customer service industry. Her experience in this industry focused on supervising, coaching, and training employees. Since joining the CPTP staff, she has used her extensive knowledge in customer service and management to develop and deliver professional development training sessions for state employees. Julie has also worked closely with several state agencies to tailor trainings to address the unique needs of each agency. As a Talent Development Specialist, Julie fuels her passion of service by helping employees excel in their careers.

Takyra Norman
Talent Development Specialist

(225) 219-9517

Native to Baton Rouge, Takyra Norman is a graduate of Louisiana State University and an avid Tigers fan. She possesses over six years of professional experience in Human Resources and Training and Development. She began her professional career as an Associate Trainer with Convergys Corporation. Her primary job duties in this role consisted of Instructor-led training, employee skill assessment, and employee transition into operations. Recognizing a passion for employee development and facilitation, Takyra pursued an advancement opportunity that allowed her to create and implement a Training and Development program on behalf of Garden City Group, LLC. In this role she was responsible for curriculum design, course creation, continuing education initiatives, cross-training, and adult facilitation. Takyra truly enjoys public speaking and helping other develop job skills. She joined the CPTP Training Team in 2017.

Kymberlie Broussard
Talent Development Specialist

(225) 342-8510

Kymberlie Broussard is a Talent Development Specialist with extensive experience in creating, promoting and delivering training solutions to all organizational departments. After receiving her MBA from the University of Phoenix, Kymberlie served several departments in designing and delivering successful training programs in management development, team building, customer service, sales, and performance management for financial institutions. Kymberlie is very passionate about fostering a supportive and enjoyable learning environment for all participants.

Anne-Marie Davis
Talent Development Technical Specialist

(225) 342-8554

Anne-Marie has spent nine years teaching adults at LSU Continuing Education (Lagniappe), BREC and the Louisiana Art and Artists Guild (LAAG) as a secondary job. She has an Associate’s degree in Commercial Art and has worked in designing artwork for publications, brochures and advertising, allowing her to expand in using her creativity in developing materials. After three years at Civil Service, she recently joined the CPTP Team as a Talent Development Technical Specialist. Her position on the team allows her to pull from her teaching experiences and creative background to be an integral part of continuing education for state employees.

Linda Winnfield
Administrative Coordinator

(225) 342-8539

Linda has over 20 years of state experience in the administrative field. State agencies include Department of Social Services, where she worked as an Administrative Coordinator 4; Department of Revenue as a Word Processor Operator 2; and LSU where she held several clerical positions before coming to State Civil Service in September of 2012. Here at SCS, Linda uses her skills to communicate with CPTP Training Coordinators, respond to questions sent to the CPTPLSO Inbox, and assist with CPTP class schedule monitoring. She also serves as the SCS-internal CPTP Training Coordinator.

CPTP Policy Board